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“I know the sky is not the limit because there are footprints on the Moon — and I made some of them!” Buzz Aldrin

Strategy - Aim for the moon

It’s not just about doing things right, it’s about doing the right things. We have many years of experience helping organizations conceptualize their goals, align decision makers, and formulate actionable strategies for success.

  • • IT Advisory
  • • Blockchain Strategy
  • • Startup Product Strategy
  • • Business Case definition
  • • Tokenomics and token launch
  • • Decentralized Identity Management

Design - Ready for a spacewalk?

We focus on early validation through design. A clickable concept is a worth a million words. It is a lot easier to react to something than to discuss concepts on paper. Here the end user is king.

  • • Design Thinking
  • • UX Research
  • • User Experience Design
  • • Conceptual Prototype
  • • Branding Development
  • • Usability Testing

Implementation - 3, 2, 1… Ignition!

Over the years we have developed accelerators that allow us to kickstart and execute complex solutions in a record time. We follow agile methodologies, when you are creating a ground-breaking concept not all variables are known during the design phase.

  • • Agile Delivery
  • • ­­AI and Blockchain
  • • Focus on Value
  • • Go-Live Plan
  • • Roadmap to adoption and commercial success

Support – Major Tom can hear you

We accompany our clients end to end on the path of digital transformation, and ensure a foundation exist for their long-term success.

  • • Project & Product Management
  • • Smart Contract Auditing
  • • Decentralized Platform Operations & Integration

Ready For Liftoff?

Showcase: Clients & Work

  • VIVOPago

    Media and Telecoms Payments in Latin America

    Learn More

  • TMX

    Green bonds origination through maturity

    Coming Soon

Ready For Liftoff?

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