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Who We Are
Industry mavens. We are a combination of engineers, management consultants, financial and industry professionals who bridge the gap between enterprise and blockchain technology.
What We Do
Interoperable enterprise blockchain solutions. Our core technology stack, Aion for Enterprise (AFE) is a modular platform that enables customization for any use-case, high transaction throughput and seamless connectivity with external blockchains and ERP systems.
Inter-chain movement of value and logic between any private and public network.
Hybrid Architecture
Modular platform design for unique business requirements.
Transaction Throughput
1,000+ transactions per second, ideal for commercial applications.
Why We Do It
To enhance commerce through autonomously functioning enterprises. Blockchain is the catalyst that enables highly interconnected devices to communicate through programmable business logic. Processes can be automated, while transactional information is immutably stored and secured.
What We Offer
AFE for Supply Chain
Transparently track asset provenance from raw materials to end product. AFE for Supply Chain is the perfect solution for consumer goods, food, healthcare, manufacturing & natural resources.
AFE for Fintech
AFE for fintech can be applied in broad applications including streamlined settlement, decentralized exchange platforms & secure data between financial institutions and their customers.
AFE for Digital ID
Transparently track health records, personal identity, KYC/AML requirements, credentials with financial or other institutions, and much more.
AFE for Media
Music, books, academia, digital content, etc. AFE for Media provides transparent, equitable and secure royalty distribution.
  • Production Ideation
  • System Design
  • Consulting
  • System Development
  • Platform Licensing
  • System Integration
  • Dedicated Support
  • Training
  • System Audit
What We've Done
Inter-Bank Information Exchange Platform
Developed an employee banking information exchange platform that allows banks to share data securely, in real-time via distributed ledger technology.
Meet Our Team
Kesem Frank
Chief Maven
Kesem Frank, Chief Maven at Mavennet & Co-Founder of Aion, is a technology strategy visionary specializing in the blockchain industry. Kesem led multiple projects within Deloitte’s Technology Strategy and Architecture practice, before specializing in Blockchain technology. Kesem is an experienced team leader, having served as a naval officer with the IDF for 5 years. His passion for startups and innovation led him to join UofT’s Creative Destruction Lab as a program fellow.
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